If your child is going to be absent from school, please notify our Attendance Office:

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​Dasttinie Alcala Rubio

​Bai Xiong

Bai Xiong

When you visit the ATLAS Parent Portal, you will see your child’s attendance for the last three (3) weeks.


The following are some of the codes you may see:

  • P = Present in class
  • T = Present, but arrived late to class
  • L = Present, but arrived more than 20 minutes late to class (or left class and did not return)
  • A = Absent and we are not sure why
  • E = Absent due to school business
  • I = Absent due to illness
  • PR = Absent due to parent request
  • C = Absent due to class cut
  • S = Absent due to a suspension (off-campus)
  • G = Absent due to a class suspension (on-campus)
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